A brand new way to fly.

Style exploration
Identity development
Visual language + Art direction
Brand guidelines

The challenge was to renew visual language for one of the largest airlines in the world. And helps to build this brand culture internally.

We have started creating a new design language with a new shade of blue, new graphic elements, a current tip that brings versatility to various applications and materials, and textures that use a language system for all business units of the company that directs applications at events, impressions, and products. The strategy was made by another company, then we went deeper into this material and with the holding of workshops together with Embraer's time, or the result was the creation of 3 design principles: Bold & Flex, Tech & Human, Micro & Macro. These principles guide the creation of any form and content.

With the launch of the brand at a major international event at the time, we could see a change brought about by the new Language. After events and other launches, it is possible to see consistency, impact, and clarity in brand communication, in addition to perfect alignment with your proposal: Challenge. I create. Overcome.

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